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How can we help?

At Thrive with Strengths, we are passionate about helping leaders like you and their teams to make better contributions by leveraging their strengths. So, we reduce friction that stands in the way of healthy "teaming" and better team results by building on what's "strong, not wrong" with the team.

Our engaging, proven, and effective programs help leaders become GREATER leaders who: 

  1. Know how to make best contributions through their strengths.
  2. Create more positive and honoring cultures on their teams. 
  3. Get higher revenues, profitability, and employee engagement. 

These programs transform groups of individuals who strive together to high performing teams that thrive because they rely on each other's strengths to win.

Everyone walks away knowing the value they add to their team's overall success. 







Meet Joanna 


Joanna Wiesinger is the founder of Thrive with Strengths. She is a Gallup Certified Strengths Coach, a "recovering" Ph.D. chemist, and a TEDx speaker. 

She reaches beyond a one-size-fits all approach with her clients. How? Joanna leans on her own "superpowers" and nearly 20 years in the strengths-based movement.

Expect Joanna to bring to you a catalytic sense of urgency with practical tools and tactics. She will help you get moving towards your goals, while celebrating the journey along the way.