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We help leaders (like you!) and their teams make better contributions with less friction and better results by leveraging their strengths.


Thrive. Lead. Contribute.

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Do you want to unlock your team's best contributions?


You can when you do these three things...

Reduce Friction

Get rid of toxic conflict, reduce stress, eliminate overwhelm, align around important goals, create meaningful relationships, find ways to collaborate and communicate better.

Improve Results

Increase sales, reduce errors, decrease absenteeism, raise customer satisfaction, boost employee engagement and gain productivity.

Leverage Strengths

Create personal awareness, honor others’ talents, invest in strengths, value different perspectives, understand motivations, work as a team, feel welcomed, be appreciated, and bring your best self.


Gallup research confirms this. The research shows that when leaders play to their strengths, things they naturally do best, they thrive:

  • Hard numbers such as profit, sales, and employee engagement go up.
  • Culture becomes more positive and welcoming of everyone’s contributions.
  • Team members connect to each other in meaningful ways, building cohesive and high performing teams.


At Thrive With Strengths, we support leaders in a positive, honoring and strengths-based approach to team development where everyone contributes their best.

Did you know?


Teams that focus on their strengths every day see 13% higher overall productivity and up to 19% increase in sales. 


People who focus on their strengths are 6x more likely to be engaged in their jobs and 3x more likely to have a great quality of life.


Only 4 in 10 employees strongly agree that someone at work seems to care about them as a person.

How can we help?

High Performing Team Accelerator  

Our proven HPT Accelerator will take your team on a transformation journey from friction filled to high performing.



Our Calibrator will help you dial in on a strengths-based culture that celebrates what everyone does best, without wasted effort on their weaknesses.


Retreat & Conference Catalyzer

We will inspire and catalyze your leaders to understand their strengths, so they can thrive, lead and contribute their best.


Sally - President, Chamber 

Joanna’s work with my team is powerful. Each team member gets the opportunity to build and focus on their strengths and discuss potential challenges they are having. Joanna provides a nonjudgmental feedback to help leaders be the best they can be.

Scot - Senior VP, IT Company

When Joanna proposed to me the option of a team journey, I knew that it was for us because it involved more than a stand-alone session. I think this program is excellent. I loved the interaction and feedback within the digital platform and learning how better to work with my colleagues.

Tom - Manager, Fortune 500

Our team sessions have made me much more aware of my team's strengths. In the past, it was always easier for me to tackle their weaknesses and take their strengths for granted. These sessions  have turned that upside down for me. I don't need to be strong at everything. I can lean on my team and leverage their strengths.