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We help leaders and their teams find the right conditions to THRIVE WITH STRENGTHS daily for greater impact.

We help you intentionally discover your talents, invest in them by developing your strengths, so you and your team can make better, more meaningful contributions.

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Joanna Wiesinger 

As a Strengths contribution coach, Joanna helps leaders and their teams find the right conditions to THRIVE WITH STRENGTHS daily for greater impact. Joanna leans into her own "superpowers" and over 15 years of experience using CliftonStrengths® to reach beyond a one-size-fits all approach. 

When working with individuals, Joanna designs sessions to help her clients see the power of their inherent talents and how they can grow them into bona fide strengths. Once they recognize their unique "superpowers," she helps aim their strengths for greater contribution to others .

Joanna's team workshops transform a group of individuals who work together daily to a team that relies on its members' strengths to reach a common goal. Everyone walks away knowing the value they each add, their contribution, to their team's overall success.

As a speaker, Joanna brings both science and story telling to her audiences as she inspires them to be more effective leaders by discovering for themselves what is strong about them. 

Joanna believes that just like the chemical elements that make up our bodies, our strengths are inherent to us. It behooves each of us to find the right conditions to activate and THRIVE WITH STRENGTHS daily, so that we can have greater impact on others.

A few of our amazing clients . . .

"Some team building presentations I have been to were plastic, non-personal and gimmicky. Joanna was approachable, knowledgeable and experienced in using the materials."

Gary L.

"I highly recommend a Strengths coaching session with Joanna, either as individual or a team. Her ability to discern, and communicate powerful life changing information is phenomenal."

Ginger C.
Owner/Lead Designer

"Joanna, I must let you know how life changing our session was. It’s really changed how I operate."

Lindy D.
IT Delivery Lead


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