A Better You. A Better Team.

High Performing Team Accelerator 

Virtual and in-person


Do you want a high performing team?


Our proven HPT Accelerator will take your team on a transformation journey. Your team will move from friction and stress to alignment, better communication, and greater overall performance.

Did you know that 80% of teams don’t achieve their goals?


Friction that comes from poor teaming stands in the way of performance. But that doesn’t’ have to be your team!

Our unique program helps leaders and their teams get better results with less stress, cost, and conflict. This program is simple and effective, used by over 200 teams.

It consists of several virtual team sessions, 1:1 individual coaching sessions, and nudges from a digital platform and app that drive new habits.

During the journey, your leaders and their teams will:

  1. Create a shared perspective as to where they are individually and as a team by embracing their strengths.
  2. Practice new skills of praising others, partnering with them, and then pivoting towards better results.
  3. Tackle big challenges while creating habits of communicating, collaborating, and celebrating each other in meaningful ways. 

Because the program and the digital platform are designed with learning and practice in mind, your team will embed new behaviors, capabilities, and tools to sustain high performance. 

By the end of the program, the team is transformed from being stressed and friction filled to high performing with a culture that values everyone’s unique contributions.

We are experts at helping leaders and their teams move from friction filled to high performance.



Are you ready to have a thriving team that reaches its goals with less friction, better results, and a more positive culture?

We would love to help.


What Our Clients Are Saying

The thing I have found most helpful in this program is the way I have been forced to reflect between team sessions, conversations, and activities. I have become much more productive and satisfied as a result.

I’m living the new learnings of this HPT program. This is so exciting to me. For example, I have time blocked my Fridays to send praise to my colleagues. I have a spreadsheet that tracks my progress. I follow a system.

The biggest thing that I learned from the program that I use on the daily basis is what I learned about myself. What makes me unique and how to use my uniqueness to be a leader in the workplace. I feel equipped to develop my relationships further, so that the entire team gets better.