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High Performing Team Accelerator

Do you want a high performing team? Our proven HPT Calibrator, virtual and live, will take your people on a transformation journey. Watch your team move from friction and stress to alignment and better contributions.


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Culture Calibrator


Do you want a culture where your team members feel valued and appreciated, so they  contribute their best to you and your organization? Our Calibrator will help you dial in on a strengths-based culture that celebrates what everyone does best, without wasted effort on their weaknesses.

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Retreat & Conference Catalyzer

Do you want a speaker for your next company-wide conference, a team retreat, or a leadership program? We’ve got you! We will energize and empower your leaders to leverage their strengths for greater impact!


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Are you ready to move from friction to flow, enjoy your work and your colleagues more, and get better results?

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What Our Clients Are Saying

The best training we have taken because it really got us thinking about how each of us works! I enjoyed the data about my colleagues and so appreciated the time with my team to discuss things that needed to be addressed to set us up for success.

Joanna’s work with my team is powerful. Each team member gets the opportunity to build and focus on their strengths, discuss potential challenges they are having, perhaps settling into a new role, or possibly needing a mentoring moment to manage any issues they may be facing.  Joanna is gifted with understanding others’ strengths. She provides nonjudgement feedback to help leaders be the best they can be.

When Joanna proposed to me the option of a team journey over a period of 14 weeks, I knew that it was for us because it involved more than a stand-alone session. I think this program is excellent. I loved the interaction and feedback within the digital platform and learning how better to work with my colleagues.