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Culture Calibrator

Virtual and in-person


Do you want a culture where your team members feel valued and appreciated, so they thrive, lead, and contribute to you and your organization?


Step into our Calibrator. We will help you dial in on a strengths-based culture that celebrates what everyone does best, without wasted effort on their weaknesses. 

Did you know that more than 50% of employees are currently looking for a job elsewhere?


With half of the workforce on the line, we must do something different within our teams and organizations.

We must stop focusing on leaders’ gaps and weaknesses. We must stop asking them to grow their weaknesses into strengths, and still feel good about their work. That model simply does not work.

What works is a strengths-based culture where employees:

  • know their strengths
  • appreciate their teammates' strengths
  • integrate their strengths into daily routines through strengths-based conversations and practices 

Studies show that teams and organizations that focus on their people’s strengths consistently outperform their competitors. They show up to 19% higher sales, up to 59% fewer safety accidents, and up to 72% lower attrition.

Our Culture Calibrator will help you create a strengths-based culture within your team, business, or organization, so that your... 

  • Executive leaders learn how to capitalize on their own strengths to meet the needs of their followers.
  • Managers move from being bosses to coaches to their teams. They develop a cadence of  strengths-based conversations with their direct reports to help them contribute to the team's goals.
  • Employees get to discover their strengths and learn how to align them to their roles, and the strengths of their colleagues for better partnerships. 

By the end of the program, your team, business, or organization is calibrated to a positive and honoring culture that values everyone’s unique contributions through what they naturally do best. Reduced friction and better results follow!

If that resonates with you, let's talk.


Are you ready to create a thriving culture where everyone gets celebrated for what they do best? We would love to help.


What Our Clients Are Saying

Our program leaders learned so much about themselves and greatly appreciated the insights into embracing their strengths and authenticity. Our organization’s culture has changed for the better!

We are very happy with results of hiring Thrive with Strengths to work with our team. This included review of each teammate's strengths, team sessions, and follow up with different team members who wanted to go deeper. We plan to continue to use TWS in the future. Well worth the time and money.

This program was comfortably uncomfortable and I loved it! I felt comfortable sharing things that are uncomfortable to share. And I felt empowered by my strengths to address my potential weaknesses. I know that was the case for my colleagues, too. We are better for it as a team.