HIGH PERFORMING TEAMS: How to Build and Lead Healthy Teams


An Interview with Scot Crismon

Have you noticed how there seems to be more discussion about dysfunctional teams than high performing teams?

At Thrive with Strengths, we are passionate about flipping the script on teams and focusing on what’s strong-not-wrong with them. We are dedicated to help leaders reduce friction in their teams while getting better results and building a healthy, positive culture.

In our series Healthy Teams, Thriving Not Striving, we talk to seasoned leaders about what it takes to build and lead healthy, high performing teams. They share their insights, best practices, and occasional missteps, so that we can all become better leader of leaders.

Recently, we sat down with Scot Crismon, the Executive Vice President of Aumentum Group at Harris Computer. He has been leading teams  for decades in the IT and software industry, always with the emphasis on delivering results and developing people.

Welcome, Scot. You do know a lot about building...

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2 Secrets Great Leaders Know


Typically, I don’t like being interrupted while having my morning coffee.

But that day on the patio, sipping coffee with my husband, was different. That day, I saw the topic of leading others with our strengths very differently. 

I would love for you to read my thoughts on the Gallup Blog, where I am a guest blogger this month.

See if you agree with me why it is that some leaders attract talent, while others practically repel it.  

And maybe get some ideas on how you can stay curious about the talents of others, inviting them to bring them to you and your team.


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Gallup CliftonStrengths Assessment

Some call it StrengthsFinder® and some the CliftonStrengths® Assessment

Regardless of the name, it is a simple online assessment for helping you identify your unique talent themes. It takes about 20 minutes to take and costs about $20.

You can find the details here.

Take it today to begin your Thrive Journey!


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